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Hey man, my boyfriend is chubby and we live at the beach. He has such poor self esteem and has not taking his shirt off all summer. It is driving me nuts because he is so sexy. Wtf do I do? I can not date someone who hates themself.

Well, try to go easy on him. Many of us grow up thinking we are fat, and gross, and unattractive. When we are young we are unaware of things like the Bear culture, or the fact that there could be people out there that could find that attractive. You see yourself in the mirror and all you see is a bloated and distorted version of what you think is pretty. 

It takes time to realize that beauty is subjective. That we all have an audience. And for him that starts with you. Positive re-enforcement and a lot of patience will go a long way.

That said… your boyfriend will eventually have to realize that if he doesn’t accept and love himself then it will be almost impossible for anyone else to love and accept him also. In the end you are his boyfriend, not his coach or motivational speaker. Being super insecure and negative is not attractive. 

My advise, in addition to your positive feedback make sure that he sees that other people can find him attractive also. We are programmed to ignore the ones we love the most when it comes to receiving compliments because we think that love tends to blind you. Sometimes we need to get that attention from outside our relationship. After all, a stranger doesn’t owe you anything, so when he gives you a compliment it tends to resonate more.

Just make sure not to push him into anything. Sometimes you have to see the person you choose to be with as an investment. Maybe he’s a bit of a fixer-upper, but there’s nothing wrong with that. :)

wow reading what your friend did to your hole got me so so hard my god i wish i was there

Yup, that was like a week ago… it was very fucking nice. ;)