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TMI Tuesday: gaming questions! If you don't like video games, well... do the best you can. What's your favorite video game platform? What game or series would you recommend everyone play? What have you been playing recently? What game do you have the best memories of? What would be your dream game or gaming related event that's probably never going to happen?

I’m not a huge gamer. Clif is actually more of a gamer than I am. That being said, you can ask me about any game or franchise and I will probably respond as though I was a pro at it. I read gaming news all the time. I read Gameinformer, watch news articles on the web, and I love watching people play. I know that sounds weird but I can watch Clif  or any other friend play a video game for hours, and of course that means I learn about a game to the point where I can talk about it as though I had played it myself.

I do play some video games though. I played World of Warcraft for many years and I recently started playing it again (although I haven’t renewed the membership for a few months now). I’ve also played Skyrim and Portal and Half-Life, and I’m always playing something on my 3DS. I got into Pokemon a short while ago although recent events have kept me away from it. I heavily associated the game with a couple of people that left my life abruptly. Its been hard not to associate the game with these two individuals.

What would I recommend everyone play? Oddly enough I would say Pokemon. I’m 38 years old, and I had never played a Pokemon game or gave two shits about the franchise until only about a year ago. I always thought it was silly and childish. Well it is and it isn’t. Its also very complex. You have to strategize and plan ahead. The game can be extremely gratifying and addicting. :P

As for what game or series of games I have fond memories of, well that would have to be the Wing Commander series back in the 90s. Did I mention I was 38? hehe Wing Commander and Privateer were two amazing series of PC games. I’d say that was the Golden Age of gaming. Grim Fandango, Leisure Suit Larry, Space Quest, Full Throttle, Kings Quest, Wing Commander… So many good memories. :D

And as for a game related event that might never happen I would say a Half-Life or a Portal movie. Either one of those would be amazing.